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During the first meeting you will talk about the tattoo you would like and all the details related to it. After the first sketch of the tattoo design, I will be able to give you a quote.

If the drawing required some time to be done, I will ask you a deposit that goes toward the time spent on doing the drawing. The rest of the money is required once the tattoo is done, or by session.

Once you and I have decided on your tattoo design, you will be required to show valid identification for proof of age. You may also be asked for your address and phone number, so your artist can contact you in the future if need be.

This is also the moment to talk about any kind of skin conditions (such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Sun Burn) health issues (such as Heart Condition, Epilepsy, Haemophilia, HIV, Hepatitis, High blood Pressure, Diabetes) you have or have suffered in the past.
The area of your body you have chosen for your tattoo will be cleaned, with a antibacterial soap and water. Then, any hair will be removed from the area by shaving it with a new disposable razor which will be discarded after being used. Even the finest hairs can get in the way and cause problems, so this is a crucial step, even if you can't see any hairs. Then, the area will be cleaned again to make sure it is smooth and ready for the transfer.
Once your stencil is ready, it's time to create the transfer onto your skin . When the stencil paper is pulled away from your skin, it will leave you with a purple-blue likeness of your future tattoo.
It is at this time that I will start preparing their tattoo machine. The inks will be placed in little tiny cups called "ink caps", and the needles and tubes will be removed from their sterile pouches and placed in the machine. Clean, distilled water will be poured into a cup for cleaning the needles during the tattoo process and to change from one colour to the next.
A little ointment will be placed over your transfer design to help keep the transfer longer without accidentally rubbing it off, and it also helps the needle to slide along the skin more smoothly. Then is time to start the outlines.
Depending on the size of your tattoo, I may switch to a different set of needles called magnums which are designed for colouring and shading. I may even switch tattoo machine altogether.
Now that your tattoo is finished and clean, it needs to be treated just like a wound. A protective layer of ointment will be applied to the tattoo to prevent invasion of airborne bacteria that can cause infection. Then a bandage will be applied, and it will be taped up with medical tape to make sure it is secure. It is important that you keep this bandage on for 2 hours, not any longer.
These should be given both verbally, and on a piece of paper for you to take home with you. You can also download it here. It is important that you listen and follow the instructions you are given. From this point on, it is your responsibility to make sure your tattoo is well taken care of. The artist cannot be blamed if you get an infection because you didn't follow the right directions.

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