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I am moving to another studio! From the 7th of April I will be working at Inkfact Tattoo Studio in Hackney Central! Here's the address: 81 Lower Clapton Rd, London, E5 0NP

Call me at +4477 0642 6198 or message me now!

My Vision

I welcome veterans and newbies alike. I understand that getting a tattoo is a big decision, regardless of the size and location so whether it’s your first tattoo or your 50th, I’ll be here to offer you guidance and support right from the start and throughout. My job is to make you feel at ease and arm you with all the information you need to achieve your desired piece. Your job is to enjoy the process. From small tattoos to full body suit tattoos and cover-ups, with your ideas, I’ll create a piece that’s unique to you and only you; a piece of body art that will leave you confident and proud to show it off for all to see. If you’re not quite sure what you would like, we can either brainstorm together or choose a design from the huge range of tattoo drawings already available, maybe with your own twist.

Although my preference is dotwork and fine lines, I offer various styles from old school, new school and black and grey to colour, Japanese and everything in between! Feel free to come by with your drawings or references and I’d be honoured to bring your stories and ideas to life.

Antonella’s always welcome walk-ins subject to availability.

Antonella Raimondo

Born and raised in a small town near Genoa, Italy, I developed a profound love for art at a very young age. I first developed my skills in painting; I spent most of my free time tucked away in my garage, where with a burst of creativity, most of my early artworks came to life.

From my humble garage space, I went on to study Historical Restoration and Fine Arts at the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Genoa. After graduating, I was more passionate about Art than ever before so I decided to chase my dream, which led me to London, UK.

Discovering new ways to express my art, traveling the world

Here is where I first discovered the enticing world of tattoos; the ability to not only create a stunning piece of art but also bring it to life on a person’s body. Of course, I was immediately captivated by this art, which was so ‘alive’. Suddenly it was clear to me. This was my calling, to become a professional tattoo artist.

In the last few years, with much perseverance, determination and many late nights, I found apprenticeship opportunities and met some great tattoo artist friends. Thanks to my relentless passion and their expert knowledge, I was able to study and learn the beautiful art of tattooing.

And here I am, achieving my dream. Welcome to Antonella’s Tattoo!

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